Empowering you to build
your dream life and put your wellbeing front and centre

Empowering you to build your dream business whilst prioritising your wellbeing. 

In my signature Life Project coaching programme we will work together for 12 weeks taking your from burnt out, overwhelmed and lacking in confidence and direction to getting your mojo back, smashing your goals and putting your life back in your hands. I am here to support you every step of the way.



Anything is possible for you, sometimes it just takes a little helping hand to get there...

Do you feel like you are on the never ending hamster wheel of life, like you know you were made for something more but something always seems to get in your way? Well know this… you ARE made for more and your life doesn’t have to be just about surviving. 

By the end of our time working together you will be opened up to the infinite possibilities that are ahead of you. Your thoughts and your mindset will be working for you not against you, and your new wellbeing rituals and routines will leave you feeling like your ultimate self.

That desire to achieve something new or to overcome a barrier that’s only been holding you back... It’s waiting for you. Are you ready to dive in?


Can you                      ?     

You feel stuck or unsure what is next for you in your personal or professional life

The clarity about what you wanted and the direction to get there

You have lost your spark and sense of joy and purpose

You want to create a change and move your life forwards but you need more clarity on how

if you had...



Beat the burnout and found a great sense of balance and calm in your life

You are living in auto-pilot and struggle to balance and be present in everyday life

You feel held back by a lack of self-belief and confidence

You are fed up of sitting in the backseat and want to start taking control of your life

You are stuck in cycles of negativity, overthinking and procrastination

You aspire for more in your personal or professional life but your goals feel out of reach

Ditched perfectionism, comparison and overthinking and developed the self-trust to up-level your life

Developed clear boundaries and routines to maximise your time and energy

Upgraded every aspect of your life from your career, to your health and relationships

Reignited your drive, passion and commitment to experience living as your best self

A clear roadmap for achieving your goals and creating the extraordinary life you deserve

The confidence to start writing your own story and being your biggest cheerleader

This is your chance to break the cycle and create the  change. It's time to pave the way for a new perspective, so that you can create the next chapter of your life. One that you are deeply proud of and wholly fulfilled by.  This is your opportunity to start putting YOU first so that you can discover what you're truly made of.










How does this sound?

Rediscover your deepest ‘why’, your passions and a new framework for a happier more fulfilling life

Recharge your batteries + reclaim your energy by setting positive boundaries and avoiding burnout

Reset your nervous system so you can calm the overwhelm, feel present and experience more joy

Reconnect with yourself and your intuition as well as your personal and professional community

Reveal old patterns and reprogram your thoughts for a stronger, more positive mindset




Reimagine your dream schedule and lifestyle by changing your habits and setting and sticking to your goals

Realise your sense of self-worth and your personal power so you can create the life you truly desire

This program includes everything
you need to take you on a journey from surviving to thriving.

You're so much more capable than you think you are, and you have the power to create whatever life you choose. You just need help to take your super power to the next level from someone who has walked the path before you. I'm here to help you break the cycle and start making changes, so you can start living a life you love.



You will start by completing a comprehensive life audit questionnaire followed by a deep dive 90 minute coaching session. Here we will identify your project and create a plan to help you reach your goals.

coaching sessions

We will start with 4 x 1 hour weekly coaching calls via zoom so we can really hit the ground running and start making progress right away. This will be followed by another 4 x 1 hour fortnightly calls.

bespoke resources

Access to a personalised library of tools, resources and recommendations that have been selected to support you on your own coaching journey. 

support + accountbility

Ongoing support, your daily sounding board and source of encouragement via regular check ins on Voxer or Whatsapp Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

PRICE: £1650

"Charlotte managed to drag out of me goals I didn’t even realise I had and bring up things that were sitting under the surface which has made me face things I had been previously ignoring or putting off.


“At the start of this year I was really struggling to get the motivation to exercise and felt that since having my son there hadn’t been any goals or things" for me to work towards. I loved working with Charlotte as I’d often start talking about a challenge or area that I wanted to improve on, and very often it would end up taking a completely new direction, and I discovered so much more I wanted to achieve. 

Having someone there to support and hold me accountable really made me take the action I hadn’t been able to previously, and gave me specific things to go away and work towards. Each session left me feeling really pumped and excited, but most of all, the experience has really ignited my confidence, that I needed reminding about.”

“It was refreshing and powerful to have someone objectively assess how I conduct my life and helped more than I anticipated.”


Charlotte shared so many great tools and her approachable style felt so much more real, tangible and applicable, than the ‘namely pamby’ advice I have been given before. It felt very much like to talking to a friend rather than someone who is judging me. The most helpful part of the sessions were when she asked questions back on me,  really making me consider my thoughts and beliefs.

I am now much more aware of how much time I waste and how much my mental health is affected by things like scrolling on my phone or worrying what others think. I know have the tools to adapt the way I think and respond, and have more positive outcomes as a result. 


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